Requesting Biobank Data and Samples

One of the goals of El Banco por Salud (BPS Biobank) is to promote research across the university that is inclusive of the Latino population. To accomplish this goal, BPS was structured as a centralized resource accessible (upon review and approval) to investigators interested in the Latino population and robust data and biospecimen bank BPS offers. To oversee the review and approval process of each request for BPS data and samples, the CDDOM Biobank Executive Joint Governance Committee was created consisting of the CDDOM Leadership/ BPS Leadership, and the FQHC Leadership and research staff.

The formal request must be made by completing and submiting the El Banco por Salud Access Request Form


Download the Access Request Form


The requesnt form will ask investigators to provide a summary of their proposed study along with logistics regarding requested sample size, demographics, and timeline, and how their study aligns with the overall mission of CDDOM, attributes the field of science, benefits each FQHC and mostly importantly how the proposed study impacts and benefits the patients. The information is then used to review each request with particular focus on FQHC and patient impact, as well as benefits to the field of science and if deemed appropriate and in alignment with CDDOM and FQHC Mission and objectives, the request is approved and transfer of data and/or samples will be scheduled. 

Data/Sample Guidelines

Ownership of data and samples: The UA CDDOM Banco por Salud is the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights of the data and samples contained in the biobank. Approved applicants are granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive access (but not ownership rights) to use samples for a permitted purpose only.
Distributed data and samples should only be used to conduct research for which it has been given approval. Further research requires a separate application to the CDDOM Biobank Executive Joint Governance Committee.

Access request period

The timescale for data/sample use will be for one year from approval data with a possible extension. Reasonable extension requests made in writing by the Applicant PI will be considered by the CDDOM Biobank Executive Joint Governance Committee. 
Reports: The UA CDDOM requires all data derived from using the distributed data/samples to be reported back. 
The researchers agree to contact the Principal Investigator (Lawrence Mandarino, PhD) and CDDOM Biobank Program Director (Oscar Parra, MPH, MAdmin) within 2 months of learning any individual research result or incidental finding that should reasonably be returned to study participants.

Publication Guidelines

Publications should include the acknowledgement “This research has been conducted using “The University of Arizona Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism Disparities (CDDOM) Banco por Salud Biorepository Data and Samples”.

By using our samples/data you agree to abide by the guidelines stated above. Additional guidelines may be included in your approval letter. 

For any questions or additional information, please contact:
Oscar D. Parra, MPH, MAdmin
Deputy Director, UA Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism
Phone: (520) 626-6485   Email: