Purchasing Policy and Forms

Purchasing Guidelines

There are several methods of procuring items needed to conduct business at the University, including purchase orders, purchasing cards (credit card), and direct catalog purchases from contracted vendors through Arizona BuyWays portal.  Please check with your faculty supervisor to determine who in the lab is authorized to make purchases.

For any purchases being made on Dr. Mandarino's accounts (not including individual faculty startup accounts), prior authorization must be given by the Oscar Parra, Administrator. 

University-issued credit card for direct purchases. All transactions made using the Purchasing Card must benefit and support the University’s mission of education, research and public service. Fraudulent or intentional misuse of the card will result in cancellation of the card and/or possible criminal charges.  PCards may be used for allowable purchases wherever Visa is accepted. Within specific guidelines, purchases may be made through PayPal and EBay.
Requires authorized user setup and training.

If you require the p-card, please contact Lori Topp to checkout the p-card. 

Arizona Buyways through UAccess Financials:
Accessed via the University purchasing portal, Shop-Catalogs, Arizona BuyWays provides access to specific scientific and lab materials and supply vendors, usually at a discount. This UA web-based ordering system allows users to easily create purchase orders for these vendors. Bulk ethyl alcohol may be ordered through UA Stores through this site as well. For tax exempt orders, please consult with Department Admin Office (Rm 611) prior to ordering.
Requires authorized user setup and training.

Purchase Order through Uaccess Financials:
Traditional method of ordering items through a requisition process. This method must be used for all capital purchases, hazardous materials and purchases requiring pre-payment. It may also be required for other items such as annual contracts for goods or services and for certain travel/conference expenses.

If you require training for Uaccess Financials, please go to UAccess Learning to register for training workshops. In addition, the business offices can provide training. If you would like individual training, please contact the business office or email Lori Topp who can schedule a training by her and Oscar Parra if needed. 

Personal Funds Reimbursement:
Use of personal funds for purchases should be limited to:
•    Urgent need with no access to another purchase option
•    Vendor restriction of payment type
•    Qualified business expenses: approved travel or business entertainment
Original, itemized receipts are required for reimbursements.  Reimbursements made more than 90 days after the purchase are considered taxable income and are processed through payroll for taxation. *Please make sure to notify the business before using personal funds for expenses outside of travel. 

Personal Funds Reimbursement Policy

Employee Reimbursement Form

Equipment Repair:
Most lab equipment is not covered by service contract. Please see your faculty supervisor or lab manager about lab equipment issues. Some types of equipment may be diagnosed and/or repaired by University Service Shops or other outside vendors. Most repairs will be billable. All billable work requests must be authorized prior to ordering services. Estimates may sometimes be done before proceeding with work but there will likely be service charges associated with obtaining the estimate.

Vendors and Acquisition Information

Tax Exempt Scientific Equipment and Chemicals:
Oscar Parra, Administrator must provide required tax exempt documents and guidance for these types of purchases.