Proteomics Lab Overview

The mission of our proteomics lab is to provide collaborators the opportunity to take advantage of next generation mass spectrometers and software platforms to perform label-free quantitative proteomics.

We are here to assist collaborators in the design, execution, and analysis of quantitative proteomics studies using a collaborative and immersive approach. It is our goal to not only deliver conclusive results from quantitative proteomic projects but to also teach the principles and concepts of mass spectrometry and quantitative proteomics so that collaborators can better understand the science of the process. You do not need any prior proteomics experience - it is our responsibility to help you design, execute, and understand every step of the method. We also offer the opportunity for trainees to get hands-on bench experience in proteomic sample prep if that is something collaborators are interested in.

We have four specialties that we perform, using a “label-free” format. “Label free” means that the quantitative proteomics is performed on cells that are not labeled, so no extra steps are required to label the cells and perform the quantification. Collaborators simply lyse and go.