Shipping Packages

Shipping Packages via FedEx

For shipping within CDDOM and the Division of Endocrinology, we use FedEx shipping service. 

For general overall FedEx shipping guidelines, please go to: 

Domestic Shipping

To complete the shipping label for domestic shipping, please download these instructions.

International Shipping

To complete the shipping label for international shipping, please download these instructions.

Billing and Payment

The center and division have individual FedEx shipping account numbers for each lab and unit. You will need to write in this FedEx account number onto the shipping label for payment processing.

Please contact Amber Abrams for your FedEx shipping account number. If you do not have a FedEx shipping account, you will need to contact the business office to have them create one for you. 

Pickup or Drop-off

For packages, you can either schedule a pickup through FedEx, or drop off at one of the FedEx stations around campus. The College of Medicine's drop off station is on the 1st floor of the AHSC bldg in the loading dock. 

Hazardous Materials/ Dry Ice

Shipping any hazardous materials and/or shipping using dry ice requires special UA training that you must complete through Uaccess Learning