About the Lab

The Quantitative Proteomics Laboratory is centered around two dueling Thermo Scientific Fusion Lumos tribrid mass spectrometers, each coupled to a Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 RSnanoLC system and a Thermo Scientific Fisher EASY-SPRAY Source and C18 column. Our data analysis software platform consists of Mascot, Scaffold, and Progenesis. We offer space within the Proteomics Lab to learn how to prepare samples, as well as a touchdown desk outfitted with an Alienware laptop for data analysis.  

Our lab is directed by Dr. Paul Langlais, an associate professor here at the UA Division of Endocrinology who has almost 20 years of mass spectrometry experience. In addition to being director of the Proteomics Lab, Dr. Langlais is a National Institutes of Health-funded investigator in the field of insulin signal transduction-so as a result, he is also an avid user of the Proteomics Lab.

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Dr. Langlais and Dr. Lawrence Mandarino, the Endocrinology division chief and director of the UA Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism, designed the Proteomics Lab from a principle investigator’s point-of-view, so that PI’s can actually pull off large-scale proteomics projects in an affordable and timely manner. Dr. Mandarino has served as a PI in the field of human metabolism for over 30 years and is also a heavy user of the Proteomics Laboratory. 

Austin Lipinski is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Proteomics Lab, as well as assisting investigators and trainees in sample preparation.

Our Proteomics Lab is affiliated with the UA Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism and the Department of Medicine within the College of Medicine. The Proteomics Lab is located on the fifth floor of the UA College of Medicine - Tucson building, Room 5111. We are not a “Core Laboratory”-we are a "Recharge Lab" that operates financially as a non-profit to pay for the costs associated with maintaining the Proteomics Lab.