Facilities Management Request

Facilities Management Service Requests can be submitted through the UA facilities management website at: https://www.fm.arizona.edu/fmcustomer/servicerequests.aspx

You will be asked to login in using your university NetID and password. 

There are two type of service request through facilities management. 

Billable Request

Billable request are the most common request for typical repairs or assistance with smaller projects. 

Renovation/Estimate Request

Renovation/Estimate Request are for large scale repair request or any renovation requests. 

You will need to provide a description of the work that is needed, as well as location and contact information.

Billing for Service Request

For direct billable request you will need to provide your facilities "S" account number. If you do not have a facilities "S" account number please contact your business office for the "S" account number or Amber Abrams. 

For renovation/ estimate request you do not need to provide a facilities "S" account number since facilities will email you a quote before service commence. If you agree to the quote, you will have the option to provide the facility with a facilities "S" account number or a typical KFS account number.