Research Staff Training

Research Staff Trainings

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New Hire Trainings

1) IRB Training Requirements

  • IRB: Biomedical Research Investigators (CITI)
    Certification ID: 0000003282
  • RB: Native American Research Certification (CITI)
    Certification ID: 0000003279
  • Conflict of Interest Required Disclosure Training Certification
    Certification ID: 0000003303

2) UA CDDOM Research Study Training Requirements 

  • GCP for Social and Behavioral Clinical Research Certification
    Certification ID: 0000003278
  • HIPAA Annual Certification
    Certification ID: 0000003302

3) UA CDDOM Laboratory Training Requirements 

  • Certification- Bloodborne Pathogens and Universal Precautions 
    Certification ID: 0000003277
  • Basic Biosafety Protection Course
    Course ID: BBPC

4) New Hire Requirements

  • Information Security Awareness Training
    Course ID: 1332
  • Preventing Harassment and Discrimination
    Certification ID: 0000003714
  • Active Shooter Preparedness Training
    Certification ID: 0000015934

5) Redcap Training 

CB2 REDCap Training Videos

  • REDCap Beginner Course (12/10/2019)
  • REDCap Intermediate Course (12/11/2019)
  • REDCap Advanced Course (12/12/2019)

For redcap trainings and resources please click (here)

Additional Trainings:

6) Research Coordinator Training Requirements

  • Clinical Research Coordinator Foundations
    Course ID: CITI-112080

7) Research Manager Training Requirements

  • Essentials of Research Administration
    Course ID: CITI-189968